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Technical Issues

Experiencing issues with audio or visual components.

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Learner FAQs

Have questions about taking training online, accessing the course and printing certificates? 

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Technical Issues

What does my computer need to take The Babysitting Course?

  • We recommend using the latest version of your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) on your PC or Mac computer. 
  • We suggest using a desktop, laptop or tablet for this course for the best user experience.  
  • You may also need access to a printer, to print Babysitting resources and the certificate you will receive at the completion of the course.

The webpage won't come up; it just says "page not found."

Close all Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and then open it again. Try typing the website (including www.) in the address bar, instead of using the link from your email or from your favourites list. You may also need to delete your cache.

It's taking a long time to load the course

Each chapter is loaded completely before you begin a lesson, and if you have a dial-up connection this will take longer than if you have a high-speed connection. You may have to delete your cache, and should close all other applications or programs that are open.

My screen is blank when I click on one of the chapters; the course won't play

Your browser security could be blocking the course player. First do a cache clean, then watch for these security messages:

  • Internet Explorer 11: Is there a pop up at the bottom of the screen that says “Only secure content is displayed”? You will need to click “Show all content”.
  • Mozilla Firefox: A shield symbol appears in the address bar (top left). You must left-click on the shield, and disable protection on the page.
  • Google Chrome: A shield symbol appears in the address bar (top right). You must left-click on the shield, and allow the unsafe script to load.

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Learner FAQs

My username/password doesn’t work or I can’t remember it

Be sure you are typing in the username/password exactly as you did when registering your account. You can register for an account with an email, phone number or Facebook credentials, so make sure to use the same method to login. 

Your username and password is case sensitive, so check to make sure the Caps Lock button isn’t on. Make sure you’ve confirmed your account through the link that was sent to you when you signed up.

Make sure you’ve confirmed your account through the link that was sent to you when you signed up.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can recover it here.

How do I change my password or personal information?

  • In the admin sidebar, click on “My Profile” in the Account section. 
  • To change your password, click the "Change My Password" button at the bottom of the page. 
  • You can also edit your personal information and preferences here.
  • Please note that you are required to enter your current password whenever you make changes.

I don’t have time to finish my course today, can I just leave?

Yes, your progress is marked by green checkmarks on your Course Outline. To leave the course, simply close the browser window or click ‘Log Out’. When you return to the course you will see green checkmarks, and can begin with the last lesson checked off.

How do I print/export my certificate? 

From your computer:

  • Login to your Account
  • Go to “My Certifications” in the sidebar. 
  • Click “View” on the certification you wish to print, then either “Export Digital Badge” or “Print Wallet Certificate”.

From your phone:

  • Login to your Account
  • Click on the menu bar (top left hand corner)
  • Select 'my certifications' from the dropdown menu
  • All certifications are listed on this page.

My name is misspelled on my certificate; how can I change it?

Under "My Certifications," click "View" for the certification requiring the change. Under the certification details, there is a link to "Request change of information.”

I've finished my course, but my status is showing as ‘Partially Completed’ and I can’t print my certificate

If there is no certificate listed for the course under “My Certifications,” your course may not have been fully completed. Check your Course Outline for any missing green checkmarks.

One common issue is not clicking on the final button in the final module - this will release your certificate.

If you have completed all the modules but the modules aren’t registering as being completed, please contact us at info@thebabysittingcourse.com

Still Need Help? Contact Us